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Agios Gordis or Agios Gordios

General Information

The word "Agios" in Greek means saint and it is very common to see saint names as Village names. In Corfu island there are 14 major villages with saint names. Gordios was a saint, aswell, who lived Kayseri, Cappadocia in Central Anatolia of (now) Turkey. Gordios was a soldier but he left and went to live in a mountain to pray. He returned after years and talked about Christ, so then he was decapitaded in the year 320.

Agios Gordios or Agios Gordis, as pronounced nowdays, is a small village in middle-west part of corfu island with a very small local population. The closest villages are Sinarades and Garouna villages, about 2,5 kilometers away. The distance from Corfu town is about 15 kilometers, 20 minutes by car or 45 minutes with the local green bus.

Agios Gordis is a quiet holiday village and it is ideal for family, relaxing holidays. It has never been famous for it's nightlife, however if you want to have a drink in the evening you will find some pubs and bars in the village that are open till late in the night. There are many beachfront Cafe bars in Agios Gordios to enjoy a refreshing drink.

What is more, the are many restaurants in Agios Gordis where you can find greek, international, mediterranean and mexican cusine served. Each one of them has something special to offer, so you will need to try them one-by-one in order to explore their specialities.

The biggest hotel in Agios Gordios is the Aquis Agios Gordios Beach Hotel and the Pink Palace youth hostel. Hotels in Agios Gordios offer from bed and breakfast to all inclusive basis, providing quality Accommodation in Corfu island. The visitors who travel to Agios Gordis come mainly from Britain, Holland, and Germany. However, visitors from Czech Republic, Russia and Romania are enjoying their holidays in Agios Gordios as well.

Parking in Agios Gordios can be a little tricky especially in high season. There are to parking lots, one is free of charge but they can get really busy in July and August. However, you do not have to worry if you are staying at our Apartments in Agios Gordios as we provide free indoor parking for your vehicle.

Swimming in Agios Gordios Beach

Sandy, pebbly, rocky, naturist

Agios Gordios beach is mostly sandy, just like the majority of Corfu's west coast beaches. However, on the northern part of it you can find pebble and, even further north, rocks. The northern side, at the end of Agios Gordios bay itis more quiet and ideal for relaxing, snorkeling or private sunbathing. Few people are enjoy the sea nature with a nude swim, even Agios Gordis is not a popular nudust beach in Corfu as Myrtiotissa is, that's why it provides naturists much more privacy.

There are many pools in Agios Gordios for the wavy days or for those who do not prefer sand. Many pools in Agios Gordis are just few meters away from Rolandos Apartments, and you can use them with no entrance fee, just by having a drink or a snack served there. Agios Gordios beach is rewarded with the Blue flag and it meets the environmental, safety and services standards.

Other nearby beaches are Pelekas beach which is a very nice and popular sandy beach, Glyfada beach which is more popular for Greek people and a bit more noisy from the parties at the beach-front bars. If you prefer a more quiet place you can visit Paramonas beach which is usually pebbly though.

Shopping in Agios Gordios

Tourist shops, super markets, clothing-accessories & jewellery
There are many stores in Agios Gordios if you want to do some holiday shopping. In the tourist shops you can do the important souvenir shopping as well as some basic clothing and accessorie shopping for your holiday needs, such as swimming suits, sandals, hats, towels etc.

There are a lot of super markets in the area, so there is surely one close to your accommodation in Agios Gordios so you can get your supplies in food, dairy products, drinks, fruits etc. The prices are in some cases even lower than Corfu town stores due to the big competition.

There is one jewellery store in Agios Gordios as well for those who need something special and for the ones who want to prepare a special occasion while on holidays.