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Corfu Easter the events schedule

Corfu Vaion Saint Spyridon

Easter in Corfu: religious and cultural events

Vaion Sunday in Corfu Litany of Saint Spyridon

The Easter religious events in Corfu start on the Sunday befor Easter, "Vaion Sunday" as it is called. At 11:00 am starts the litany of the relic of Saint Spyridon, the protector of the island of Corfu. This litany takes part since 1630 as a remembrance of the Saint's miracle which saved the island's residents from plague. This is the longest litany, which crosses the old town's borders and all the 18 philharmonic bands of Corfu take part to honor Saint Spyridon. At 21:00 this evening, in Corfu municipality theater the "Palea" band gives a concert and brings us to the mood of the "Great week", the week prior Easter Sunday.

Great Monday the beggining of holy week

The Corfiots have to do the nessesary shopping and get prepared for the coming celebrations. The town gets the smell of fogatsa and mandolato, traditional local products.

Great Tuesday Poetic evening at Corfu old palace

Listen to the story of Mary Magdalene in the churches and at 21:00 visit the old palace and participate in the thematic poetic and musical evening "From Golgotha to resurrection".

Great Wednesday Corfu municipal Chorus at the theatre

After the afternoon church, at 20:30 the minicipal chorus gives a concert with acclesiastical hymns at the municipal theater.

Maundy Thursday paint the eggs red

On the hear of the first bell ring, the painting of the eggs begins. In all the churches the service of the holy passion is held. In the Duomo, the local catholic church, they light 12 candles and put out one after each of the 12 Gospels is read.

Great Friday the epitaphs day

From early morning you will hear the funeral bells. this is the day of memmorising the Descent of Christ from the Cross. Young girls decorate the epitaphs whose circumambulation in the evening is attended by thousants of people. The greatest and most impressive one appears at 22:00 and is supported by the town's three pholharmonic bands which play Funeral Marcias.

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Rent a Car in Corfu

Rent a Car in Corfu

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Swimming in Corfu

Swimming in Corfu

There are many places where you can swim in Corfu island. The west Corfu provides mainly sandy beaches and the east pebbly. Usually the west coast has cleaner waters as it is facing the Mediterranean sea, however on windy days you will enjoy more swimming in east Corfu as the sea keeps more calm.

Restaurants in Corfu

Dining in Corfu

There is an option for everyone when it Comes to dining in Corfu. Traditional, gourmet, international cuisine and anything you disire can be found on the island! Click on the photo above to view a full list of Restaurants in Corfu.

Nightlife in Corfu

Corfu nightlife

Corfu provides a rich nightlife experience. Apart of Kavos which is popular among the british visitors, There are enough Clubs, beach and cocktail bars on the island to satisfy all tastes. Prices vary and you will find Corfu town more expensive than the bars in the area you are staying.

Other attractions in Corfu