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Corfu Spianada Square

Easter is the greatest holiday of the Greek orthodox christianity and is celebrated in all over Greece, as well as in Corfu but in a special way. The influence of the western-europe culture in this, even orthodox, celebration.

In 2017, Orthdodox Easter is celebrated on 17th April, the same date as Catholic Easter.

In Corfu, the locals call easter "Lambri" which means bright and this shows the importance of this day, which comes after weeks of fasting. The special local customs of Corfu, in combination with the beginnig of spring, make the event unique and Corfu an attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Further down this article you will find the main schedule of the Corfu easter celebrations.

Corfu Philharmonic bands

A Great Music Tradition

Corfu has a great tradition in music, with 18 philharmonic bands playing a major role on the island's music education and culture. Of course, all of them take part in Corfu easter holiday celebrations. With an average of 100 musicians in each of them playing, they all perform on the Sunday before easter, playing Marcias Funebre and reflect the seasons mood.

In the churches, the moving unique polyphonic choral music is another local specificity which overflows into the town's alleyways. This harmonious tunefulness came from Crete in the 17th century and is still called "Cretan".

Easter in Corfu: religious and cultural events