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Kerkyra Island

History Facts

Corfu island (or Kerkyra as called in Greek) is known as the "evergreen island" of Greece, and this due to the dense vegetation. The four millions of olive trees are used by locals to produce olive oil for their needs.

Corfu island is the northernmost island on the Ionian sea and covers an area of 592 sqare kilometers with 60 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. Corfu's population is about 108.000 (about 28.000 live in Corfu town) and this makes the island of Kerkyra one of the most populous islands in Meditteranean sea!

Corfu is mountainous in the north, undulating in middle, and almost flat in the south part of it, and this makes every spot you stand a special interest! Our luxurious apartments in Agios Gordios beach resort are ideally located in to offer relaxing holiday accommodation in Corfu.

Corfu town, or Kerkyra as you will see it on signs, has a lot to offer to visitors. Museums, monuments and of course shops can satisfy all of it's visitors

You will notice historical periods imprinted in Corfu's landscape and life, including Classical Greek, Byzantine, Roman, Venetian, French and British.This has given Corfu a mixture of cultures and ethos. Corfiots have great tradition in music, which will come to your attention in cultural, religious and any other event happening on the island. There is no native Corfiot who has not a good singing voice or has no idea about music. Moreover, the Ionan Academy which is located in Corfu is the first university in Greece. Great writters of Greece were born or lived on Corfu island, such as Kalvos, Mavilis, Theotokis.

Swimming in Corfu

Best Beaches, Crystal Clear Waters

Corfu is a Summer holiday tourist destination, so swimming and sunbathing is of the most important to every visitor. Corfu island has to offer many sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters from the very North to the southest point. The best sandy beaches in Corfu are on the west side of the island and east coast is mostly pebble. Either you are looking for snorkeling in Corfu or watersports, there is a place for you!

Let's have a quick view on the best beaches in Corfu island:

On the west side of the island, the beaches are mostly sandy. The most popular of them are Sidari, Agios Georgios, Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, Pelekas beach (Kontoyalos), Agios Gordios, Marathias, Issos, Chalikounas and Agios Georgios south. It is hard to say which is the best beach as each one of them oggers different pleasures and it depends on what each visitor is looking for.

The east coast os mostly pebbly and waters are usually calm as they are protected from the North-west winds by the island's shape. Kalami, Kouloura, Barbati, Ipsos, Dassia and Benitses are of the most popular.

Restaurants in Corfu

High Quality Romantic Traditional Cuisine

Looking for the best restaurant in Corfu? There are many dining options in Corfu either you are looking for traditional cooking, high quality restaurants and international cuisine. Do not forget to try Stifado, Pastitsada, Bourdeto and Bianco which are Corfu's traditional plates. In all tourist areas you will find a traditional restaurant or taverna where you can taste local dishes of Corfu. High gastronomy is located in Corfu as well. If you are looking for a gourmet dining option or a special event in Corfu you can organise it in Pomo d' Oro or "Etrusco", voted as the Best Restaurant in Greece for 2013 and 2014!