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Sightseeing in Corfu Island

General Sightseeing Tips

Corfu is mountainous in the north, undulating in middle, and almost flat in the south part of it, and this makes every spot you stand a special interest!

If you want to explore Corfu's beauties you will need a vehicle. Busses are running from Corfu town in a regular basis but you will always have to return to the main station if you want ot visit another place. The location of our apartments in Corfu island is ideal, so you are close to all worth visiting places.

Hiring a bycycle is reccommended to the most athetic of you, as the ground in Corfu is rarely flat, and you should be well trained to attempt it. If you want to rent a motorbike in Agios Gordios there are a few places, renting from scooters to enduro and quad bikes. However, if you rent a car in corfu is the safest and easiest way to explore the island. Rolandos car hire is established in Corfu since 1979 providing the visitors of our island with quality Car rental services. Click on the link aside for more information on Corfu car rentals.

Corfu town and middle Corfu

Corfu town tips

Corfu town is in the middle of the island, on the east side. It has two fortresses on the two peaks of it, where it took the name Corfu, from Korifo/korifi which means top, highest point. The liston is a terrace of arcaded buildings built by the French and took it's name in the old times from a list where only people on it could relax in the cafes. Today it is the trendiest place with expensive and stylish cafes and restaurants.

Spiros is the most common name in Corfu island, and this due to Saint Spiridon, the keeper of the island. The church is the most famous in Corfu and was built in 1590 and the relics of Saint Spyridon is housed to this day and is a site of pilgrimage. Kampielo is the old quarter of Corfu town where the Venetian influence is met on the architecture and narrow streets (known as Kandounia).

Near the town you will find Pontikonissi, which means mouse island, and the little church of V;acherena. You can visit them either from Kanoni (near Corfu town) or from Perama, on the way to the south Corfu.

Achillion Palace is located in Gastouri village and is a 19th century building built for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria as a tribute to her spiritual hero, Achilles. In Achillion palace you will see the statue of "Dying Achilles" and the gorgeous gardens.

Sightseeing in North Corfu

North Corfu information

We always reccommend north Corfu for sightseeing as the mountainous scenery provides more breathetaking views. In north Corfu you there is also the highest mountain Pantokrator (906m.). Other places worth visiting is the picturesque Kouloura on the north-east part of Corfu island, Kassiopi (nice fishing village) and the famous Paleokastritsa. Paleokastritsa is famous for the privet beaches all around where you can go only by boat. Moreover, the views while climbing up the moutain to reach Lakones village and Angelokastro Castle, fortified in the 12th century, is breathetaking. There is also a church in it dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Another popular place in Corfu is Sidary, where everyone goes to swim at Canal d'amour, which means the canal of love. The ground in this area gives the opportunity for great pictures by the sea. The majority of visitors in Sidari come from the United Kingdom and enjoy themselves in one of the sandy beaches. Sidari is known for it's nightlife even to locals in Wintertime aswel.

While we are still in the north of the island we should pay a visit to the highest peak in Pantokrator mountain. The antennas up there might annoy your view, but the view of the whole island, mainland of Greece and Albania will pay you back.

Sightseeing in South Corfu

South Corfu Information

Lake Korission in south Corfu sourrounded by sand. There, live about 126 spieces of birds! It is worth visiting for its flora and fauna, aswell as for the stunning sunset views.

Visit the famous fishing villages of Boukaris and Petriti if you want to enjoy the most fresh fish meals on the island. Located on the southwest Corfu, with many little tavernas by the sea, they offer delicious fish dishes.